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Car Rental Alor Setar By Hours

DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar branch provides self-driving car rental services to customers, especially those living in Alor Setar Kedah. Various types of self-driving rental cars are offered, various models such as compact cars of perodua viva, axia, myvi and also MPV types such as alza. All these types of vehicles are automatic to facilitate the journey of customers to move around the Alor Setar area.

Car rental rates are hourly, with a minimum of 24 hours. For example, the rental rate of a viva car for 24 hours is RM100 per day. As for the Perodua Myvi, the 24-hour rental rate is RM130. While the rental of mpv alza auto for a period of 24 hours is RM180. Alor Setar car rental understands that there are still rental car customers who try to rent a car by the hour, therefore for some reason, the car rental allows rental by hour, minimum 12 hours or half day. Rental prices follow the clock according to the discussion with DNZ Car Rental in advance.

For car rental customers among students, the hourly rental car price is as low as RM50 for half a day for a viva auto car. However, the Alor Setar car rental will not provide rental car delivery service to the customer’s place. They have to come and pick up the car they have already booked and have to return it to the place where they took the rental car. This is because the car rental company policy that stipulates car rental delivery service is for those who rent 1 day and above only. Minimum shipping charges will apply based on the customer’s distance from the rental car operating center.

For those who are interested in renting a car, you can visit the alor setar car rental website at and press the contact button that appears on the website page. The DNZ CarRental crew or representative will serve you promptly. The following are the types of rental vehicle models offered by DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar branch:

  1. Perodua Viva
  2. Perodua Axia
  3. Perodua Myvi
  4. Perodua MPV Alza