Car Rental Alor Setar Airport

Car Rental Alor Setar Airport

DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar one of the leading car rental companies in the city of Alor Setar and offers car rental services as low as RM90* per day. For any inquiries / latest rental prices, please click the icon button below:

Based in Alor Setar near Airport Kedah, the company specializes in car rental services and provides excellent customer service. Started in 2011 at Shah Alam Selangor, then they have expanded their car rental operations based at Alor Setar, Jitra, and for also for Car Rental Alor Setar Airport and more. Their customers are not limited to locals only, but tourists from abroad also use the rental car service from DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar.

It is not easy to find cheap car rental in Alor Setar, Kedah for only RM60 / day, but with DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar, it is a reality for those in need of robust and affordable car rental services. Basically the service provided by DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar is a rental service where you can rent a car on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with a reasonably priced and difficult rental price to find elsewhere. A wide selection of cars you can find with DNZ Car Rental.

Car Rental Alor Setar Airport

If you are budget conscious or want a small car, with easy-to-drive car, your best offer is Perodua Viva, which promises optimum fuel savings while providing an easy driving experience as its small size makes it easy for you to park, drive cars in traffic in Alor Setar area. And with DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar, as one of the Car Rental Alor Setar Airport provider, rental rates for Perodua Viva are cheap, from just RM60 / day.

If you prefer cars that are not too small or are still in the compact or hatchback category, you can choose from either Perodua Axia or Perodua Myvi cars, which promise comfortable driving, ample seating to comfortably seat 5 people, and it also provides a great deal of boot space for your shopping, as well as it can provide good fuel savings.

Car Rental Alor Setar Airport Provider

For those who are interested in sedan cars, there are options to get Proton Saga, Perodua Bezza and Honda City, and these three cars offer the difference in rental price, quality, driving comfort, driving satisfaction and so on. For those of you who are serious about savings, the Proton Saga is a great choice, while for those of you who are comfortable with solid driving, Perodua or Honda City are the better choice. Apart from the hatchback and sedan, DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar also offers cars from the MPV category as well as the van.

Examples of MPV cars such as the Perodua Alza, Proton Exora, Hyundai Starex and Toyota Vellfire while in the van category include Toyota Hiace. As your Car Rental Alor Setar Airport provider you can choose according to your budget or depending on your comfort whether you just want a large space to carry more people or want more loads, or you want class, style and comfort in your drive. Regardless, all these rental cars depend on your choice and taste to choose the right type of vehicle depending on your preference. About the rental rates you can refer to the harga kereta sewa above the page.

car rental alor setar airport rates starts from RM60 per day

In addition, apart from providing rental cars, DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar also offers driver or chauffeur services along with your rental car. It is especially convenient for visitors to Alor Setar for the first time or being using the Kedah Airport. For more information on this driver or chauffeur rental car service, you can contact us through our contact provided.

Perodua Viva Auto

Small but agile, maximum fuel savings and convenient and convenient driving because of its small size and easy-to-carry, are ideal for those who want to go to crowded and difficult places such as Alor Setar or the City center, which where this little car can lick up here and there easily. Don’t be fooled by the small size. And with your Car Rental Alor Setar Airport DNZ Car Rental, we got variants of color for these viva cars.

Perodua Axia Auto

Almost identical to the Perodua Myvi in ​​terms of size and drive, the Perodua Axia offers 4/5 seats for you and your friends to explore around Alor Setar comfortably, but maximize fuel savings.

Axia Auto Car Rental Alor Setar Airport

Proton Saga Auto

To look a bit chic especially if you want to rent for work purposes, the Proton Saga offers ample boot space to fit essentials while comfortably accommodate 5 passengers.

Perodua Myvi Auto

You want to go to places of rest in Kedah’s confines such as Alor Setar Tower, Zahir Mosque, Jubli Park and so on, preferably styled with versatile and versatile Perodua Myvi, where it can fold its rear seats to expand storage space or fold in place original to accommodate 5 passengers comfortably. Our Car Rental Alor Setar Airport provided for almost 10 myvi cars for market demands.

New Myvi Auto Car Rental Alor Setar Airport

Perodua Alza Auto

You need more storage space or you want a car that can seat up to 7 people, but you don’t want to take an expensive car? Dont worry, Perodua Alza is there, with the versatility to convert seats to boot storage and so on. It’s also not too big that you can drive around Alor Setar comfortably.

Honda City Auto

Like the Proton Persona, Honda City can also bring a positive atmosphere to the car enthusiasts, and it is one of the only quality and prestigious non-Malaysian models of cars. Who doesn’t know a Honda car with its powerful engine and marvelous driving!

Proton Saga Auto

Want more space than Perodua Alza? Try the Proton Exora car rental, which has a longer car height than the Perodua Alza, which offers plenty of storage space and is ideal for rides by folding both seats in the back and middle of the car.

Van Toyota Hiace (15 Seater)

If you need space to carry a large number of passengers, for example 15 people, then you need to rent a van instead of a car, and among the many options is the Toyota Hiace with its versatility / versatility. The Car Rental Alor Setar Airport company can fulfill your request if the customers need them.

Toyota Hiace Van Car Rental Alor Setar Airport

Hyundai Starex Auto

Among the exclusive MPV options, it offers ample seating and ample driving, and beware because this MPV is one of the largest cars. However you will be surprised at its responsiveness.

Toyota Vellfire Auto

This is your chance! The high rental price is due to the optimum comfort and class-leading driving. Highly suitable for corporate matters, and so on.

The pictures below show customers from DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar galleries. It is clear from their smiling and cheerful faces that they are satisfied with our Car Rental Alor Setar Airport crews and getting a smooth deal rental car service from this company.

Car Rental Alor Setar Airport Customer Gallery1
Car Rental Alor Setar Airport Customer Gallery2

They will definitely come again to get services from ours once should they need car rental services in the future. From local and overseas customers, they have all benefited from choosing and hiring car rental services for whatever purpose, whether for work, vacation, and so on. The company is grateful for the support and interest received from customers of DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar, a cheap Car Rental Alor Setar Airport in Kedah just for only RM60 / day.

Don’t wait any longer! You won’t get such an attractive offer. For only RM60 per day, you can rent your ideal car for wherever you want to go. The variety of car options and brands to choose from depends on your needs, suitability, interests, usage and budget. Find cheap car hire in Alor Setar, Kedah from DNZ Car Rental Alor Setar now!

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